A Change of Heart

sign on changing room door

A recent car ad on TV made me think. It was meant to do that, apparently. An actress, sitting in a Hyundai car advises us  that ‘change is good’, as her hairstyles and make-up cycle through various changes.


This is good, we are supposed to think. That woman looks good with lots of different looks. In case we don’t already know,  she tells us she is an actress, and  this sort of change is good for her. I don’t think she’s a method actress, ‘cos one review she got for her role in the film Hitman: Agent 47 described her as ‘dull and unconvincing’. To be fair, the whole film might have been like that. Change must be doing her good in some other way, then. People are invited to offer their thoughts on #changeisgood on Twitter. So why do they think change is good?

twitter commentsReally? I feel a whole other post is called for here. Let’s play ourselves out with a tune.


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