Holidays are coming

Coca Cola Holidays are Coming ad
Christmas Coke Ireland ad from

Ho ho ho

That time of year is coming around again. It’s been on its way since Halloween, actually, when Penneys decided it was fine to put some Christmas-themed stuff beside their Halloween displays, to get us in the mood early. They walk a fine line, because too much Xmas too early and we all get very cranky. Like that time back in July when I started shouting at a Christmas ad on telly, and it was pointed out to me that I was in fact watching an ad from the previous Christmas on a pre-recorded programme.


Christmas has now been replaced by John Lewis good cheer, as we are encouraged to get excited about the number of sleeps ’till the marketing magic turns us all teary-eyed and sentimental, the way Santa used to do.


Santa’s a bit more of a drag than he used to be when we were kids, too. Posters of him adorn the no. 16 bus, on his knees praying, instead of getting on with delivering our presents like he’s supposed to be doing, and he’s looking a lot more dishevelled, with his beard badly in need of a trim, since he’s started being sponsored by the Christian Centre on the south side. I reckon the selling-out to Mamon has started him drinking.

Santa praying

One thought on “Holidays are coming

  1. I do think the Coca Cola Santa is the quintessential Santa. Am I brainwashed? I think John Lewis should have included an animal in that advert somewhere; its profundity is immeasurable but the cuteness factor is lacking.


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