Side B (just for the record)

heads changing size from child to adult

As I was just sayin’ over here, I don’t think that change is all about the outside. But as humans, do we really change at all? Or is it only the outside that grows, develops, withers and decays? Are our minds, like Shakespeare’s idea of love, constant and unchanging? Psychologists seem to think our minds are more fluid and adaptable than we ever thought before, and can perhaps even have an influence on things around us, as Masaru Emoto’s contoversial theories, and quantum physics theory seems to suggest.

The philosopher Heraclitus seemed to think that we are all change, and maintained that
‘No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man’. Food for thought indeed.

Image AP,  Ricardo GangaleImage AP, Ricardo Gangale

One thought on “Side B (just for the record)

  1. Everything is interconnected, ONE??? Obviously.

    If we had no ears, then sound, speaking would have no meaning.
    If there were no sounds, then ears, hearing would have no meaning,

    Thus hearing and speaking are ONE movement. One has no meaning without the other.
    They are both interdependent.

    When one is hearing, it’s in their head and also outside their head at the same moment.
    It’s ONE continuing vibration.

    And do we change?????
    LIVING, which IS movement, which IS time, IS change. Therefore change IS what IS.

    And when we say change, what do we mean????

    I am THIS, but I want to be THAT.

    “THAT” does not exist, “THAT” is an idea, and an idea is not reality but an illusion.
    And therefore ONE has divide itself psychologically into duality TWO, and thus the battle
    begins between that which IS, and that, which IS NOT.

    This IS the breeding grounds for all inner conflict, which manifests in all outer conflict,

    What exists IS what IS.


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