Cuckoo’s Calling

It’s Friday night, and tonight’s big movie is ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, a brilliant movie, which was also an amazing book by that Merry Prankster Ken Kesey. Comedy and tragedy mingle in this wonderful commentary on society. The whole movie is streamed free on this link, but be quick to shut down all the pesky pop-up windows to watch it, and a minute or so’s effort is required to get to the play button.  It’s well worth it, as it’s pure genius.


Here’s an interesting analysis of the movie. People have written papers and stuff about it and everything.

Parallels could be drawn between this movie/book and psychological experiments that have been done on the nature of violence and institutionalised living, such as the Stanford Prison Experiment, which pretty much showed that people are willing to go along with all sorts of evil behaviour. It also demonstrates that evil can be shut down quickly, as Philip Zimbardo’s future wife did with the experiment, when she pointed out to him how cruel he was being in continuing with it when it turned ugly. Heartening stuff, and proof that the world of good and evil can interact and influence one another.

I am inclined to think that maternal deprivation is at the core of Nurse Rached’s hatred of people. I have included a video showing an experiment on this, which I remember seeing as a child. It disturbed me very much at the time, and I have to warn you that if you love animals this will probably have you in tears in no time. Come to think of it, the Cuckoo’s Nest movie will probably do the same.

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