Oooooh, Ambassador.

“Oooh, Ambassador. You are really spoiling us, with all these movie screenings.”

“I couldn’t resist, darlinks. Dis is von of my favourites. Please. Take a seat.”

“psst. Who’s that funny looking man in the corner?”

“Which one?”

“Guy on the left.”

Your left, or his left?”

“THE left, silly. My left, as I look at him (sheesh, can’t wait for the movie to start (munches gloomily on a Ferrero Rocher, after unwrapping in pocket).”

“Oh, that’s Louis.”

“Oh. The other guy?”

“Just some guy.”

“Oh. Shush, it’s starting.”

Louis Bunuel Salvador Dali

“Good God. Are they still here?” (wading through the sea of Ferrero Rocher gold paper strewn about the polished floors)

“I’m afraid so, Ambassador.”

“At least tell them to close the ads windows if they are going to watch a second movie. You can skip the ads, you know, and it plays fine.” (steps around shambolic after party human debris)

The Thanksgiving Movie

If you’re on hols for Thanksgiving, or don’t do Thanksgiving, but free to go to the movies, I’d love to meet you there. Starts in five minutes, and I’ve saved you a seat. Hope you like Westerns, and I’ve left a ticket at the ticket office for you. (settles in with a bag of non-cattle-rustly sweets, and a soder pop.

Denise Matteau Wilfully Misidentifies a University of Houston Law Professor as the Author of Tracking the Leopard Meroz

A reblog of a trackingtheleopardmeroz post, where Ms. Weaver plots out the tangled machinations of the mind of Truth Convoy, as she adds yet more members, erroneously, to the international stalking gang. Let’s get warmed up with this morning’s epic rant, speaking in tongues, or in ecstasy, a la Teresa of Avila. A doozy, and the quality of content we’ve come to expect. 


Tracking The Leopard Meroz

On November 17, 2020, Denise Matteau published a 2 hour video, Schoenberger’s Insane Attempt to Blackmail Texas A. G. Paxtonon her Truth Convoy YouTube Channel.

In this video rant against a number of persons who Denise Matteau claims are connected to Thomas Schoenberger, Shadowbox Strategies, Inc., the Lincoln Group and the Lincoln Project, etc., Matteau tells her audience at the 25 minute mark to “Google all the names.”

At the 26.19 mark, Matteau mentions the Iraqex group as connected to Schoenberger, Joseph Burkett, Brian Birmingham, the Sweigerts and Professor Jacqueline Weaver in Houston, yeah I’m going to get to her.”

Around the 52.19 mark, Denise Matteau goes into more detail, stating “Jacquelyn Weaver was a name that I thought was a  pseudonym.”

At the one hour mark, she moves to her computer to bring up the Tracking the Leopard Meroz blog. Matteau declares, “…But this is a…

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