Down the Amazon with Donna

Last week, he was my temp. intern, helping out with the tea making, while I was editing the book, in the evenings. Now it’s hit the Amazon shelves, he’s given himself an upgrade, and let himself into a few of my social media accounts into the bargain. Still, there were some nice surprises, on launch day, including a recorded Q message. He may be a secret agent, but he’s coming out of his shell a lot. This book has done wonders for him, I tell ya!


I gotta hand it to ol’ Donna. When she sets her mind to something, she does it. For a little slip of a thing, she seems to have some big ideas about herself. Now take me (and I know you would like to – wink!) as an example; my big ideas about myself are all founded on the reality of my being an incredibly capable undercover agent. Donna’s ideas are founded on, well, Donna thinking, which I’ve never been able to fathom. This new book, though, may well provide the insight that months and months of intensive undercover surveillance failed to reveal. It’s funny as all hell, too. I wish she’d made me laugh this much when she was putting me through hell the first time.

“The Q Affaire” is available now in Ebook and Paperback formats from Amazon, worldwide

Not that I didn’t take Donna seriously for a…

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