Halloween Ghost Story 👻”The Portals of St. Anne’s Park”🎨Halloween Ghost Story 👻”The Portals of St. Anne’s Park”

If you’re the arty type, like me, you’ll possibly have an over-active imagination, regardless of what time of year it is. But at Halloween you can let it run amok, and at the liminal time in Ireland, when you’re standing balanced on the threshold of Samhain, in November, it’s fully expected of you, that you will throw yourself right into the spirit of the thing. So let’s dive into a short but true tale of portals and Parks, where once a fine house stood…….

All paintings in video podcast are originals by Donna Emerald. Photos are courtesy of Wikipedia Commons files, unattributed, except for shot of the park by Andriusbu (2009), and several, including those of the “boathouse” temple, and the “Herculanean” temple, provided courtesy of zen-mind.com . Drone footage was courtesy of Luciann Photography, at pexels. The thumbnail image is a self-portrait by Gustav Courbet, called “The Desperate Man”, also a public domain image. Other footage was my own, and thanks to everyone who documented this wonderful spot in Dublin, for us all to enjoy, and be creatively inspired by, this Halloween, and beyond. If you love true scary stories, and art, you’re sure to enjoy this Halloween story from Ireland, read aloud against a backdrop of art, photography and cinematically jaw-dropping drone footage of the park. The syndicated podcast is available on multiple platforms as well, if you just want to hear a scary story in audio format (click link below). If you like the images, you may want to head to my YouTube channel, by clicking the “Watch on YouTube” link, and subscribe to my Donna Emerald channel on YouTube, so you never miss out on one of my oh so arty art videos! Don’t forget to thumbs up and hit the bell while you’re there, so you won’t miss any arty action.

Podcast available on multiple platforms, here:

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