The Midweek Movie

Tonight’s big movie is Luc Besson’s ‘La Femme Nikita’, one of my all-time faves, from a brilliant director, who has done so many good movies it’s hard to choose just one. With that in mind, dear viewer, I’ll let you choose between Nikita, about a trained assassin (this original version sooo much better than the American piece of poo)  and ‘The Big Blue’, a gentler tale about rival free-diving champions who are also friends, featuring spectacular underwater shots and great cinematography  all round. Something to suit everyone hopefully. Gotta get rid of those irritating pop-up ads at the beginning, but it’s all free, no registration or further annoyances involved, so click away for a minute and you’re in business.

First, the trailer, to get you in the mood:

Multiple Choice Movies:

Movie number 1. I’m in the mood for action. Let me see ‘La Femme Nikita.


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Movie number 2. I’m in a mellow mood. Let me see ‘The Big Blue‘.


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